Yugawara Art Museum features a large number of excellent artworks, in addition to handing down important local cultural heritage to future generations.

Yugawara is known as an onsen (hot springs) health resort that was even mentioned in the Manyoshu in ancient times, and during the Showa period (1926-1989), many people of culture visited the town to relax and recuperate.

Seiho Takeuchi, a Japanese-style painter who is referenced in the saying “Taikan of the East and Seiho of the West,” and Sotaro Yasui, a Western-style painter, both had their studios and residences constructed in Yugawara in their later years and engaged in artistic endeavors there.

As well, Reiji Hiramatsu, who is currently active as a leading artist in modern Japanese painting, also has affinity for this area, and his work is published as the cover art of the monthly magazine “Bungei Shunju.” With his production of the “Ten Views of Yugawara,” he also created his studio within the Yugawara Art Museum, and about twenty of his works are permanently exhibited by theme in the Reiji Hiramatsu Hall, with the cooperation of Ryotokuji University.

Other exhibits in the museum include those of Shinsui Ito, a painter of Ukiyo-e portraits of beautiful women, Katsumi Miyake, a watercolor painter, and other artists.

From the observation resting room you can relax while viewing the museum’s Japanese garden, with its seasonal flowers and water lilies inspired by Monet’s paintings.

The first floor features a free space, which anyone can enter and utilize.

Take your time appreciating the works of art for as long as you like in the soothing atmosphere of this museum.