This shrine has a long history and was built around the time when Shigeyuki Kaganosuke Futami and others developed Yugawara.
There is an anecdote that when Yoritomo Minamoto raised an army in Izu, Sanehira Jiro Doi, the head of the local powerful clan, prayed for his lord’s victory and dedicated the sword he carried at his waist.
“Myojin God’s Camphor Tree” spreads its branches by the side of the prefectural road.
This tree is estimated to be over 800 years old and is 15.6 meters in root circumference.
An inner section of the trunk has decayed and been reinforced with concrete, and a guardian deity is housed in it.

Charges Free of charge
Transportation Take the bus for Oku yugawara or Fudo taki from Yugawara Station and get off at Gosho Jinja bus stop (about a 4 minute bus ride). Location: 359 Miyashita, Yugawara Town
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